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Cosmetic Dentistry in Newton 

From non-invasive teeth whitening to comprehensive tooth replacement, cosmetic dentistry spans a range of services tailored to improve aesthetics, health, and function of patients’ smiles. At the Newton cosmetic dental practice of Dr. Ted Filandrianos & Associates, our mission is to provide comprehensive treatments that enhance the natural beauty of your smile while strengthening the overall health of your dentition. 

An In-Depth Approach to Aesthetic Excellence

To help our patients reach their dream smiles, our Newton cosmetic dentists take a multi-faceted approach to treatment plan development. By utilizing advanced dental technologies, our cosmetic specialists are able to identify current and potential health and aesthetic issues and ensure that your upcoming treatment plan addresses these problems.  

During the planning phase, our Newton cosmetic dentists help patients identify parts of their smile that could benefit from cosmetic improvement. While some individuals may find that one procedure is enough to achieve their ideal smile, others may require a more comprehensive approach. Our Newton dental practice offers a number of cosmetic dental services, each of which are tailored to fulfill your unique health needs. Included among our available services are:

Zoom! In-Office and Take-Home Teeth Whitening: This treatment uses a specialized lamp to activate the bleaching gel, leaving patients with noticeably brighter smiles in just one session. For patients looking to maintain their smiles at home, Zoom! touch-up pens are also available. 

Veneers: For patients with greater intrinsic staining or those with misshapen, chipped, or cracked teeth, veneers may offer a comprehensive solution for improving the uniformity of the smile. Made of porcelain, these thin shells are applied to affected teeth and are custom created to match the shape and shade of surrounding teeth. 

Crowns: In some cases, the structural integrity of a tooth may require more restorative treatment in order to correct function and appearance. CEREC® same-day porcelain crowns at our Newton dental practice are a convenient and effective method of enhancing the beauty of your smile while protecting the tooth from further damage. 

Dental Implants: Gaps caused by missing teeth can quickly detract from an otherwise beautiful smile. Our Newton implant dentist offers implant treatments to help patients regain oral health and function. For eligible patients, our teeth-in-a-day services are an excellent method of completing smiles in less time. 

Orthodontics: Straightening teeth can help not only improve the look of your smile, but can also improve your ability to maintain an effective oral hygiene routine. At Ted Filandrianos DMD FAGD & Associates LLC, we offer Invisalign® and Six Month Smiles® as minimally invasive, natural-looking orthodontic treatment options. For patients with severe malocclusion, gnathological orthodontics is also available. 

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Our Newton cosmetic and implant dental practice is committed to helping patients achieve their ideal smiles through comprehensive dentistry. For more information about available cosmetic dental services in Newton, contact Ted Filandrianos DMD FAGD & Associates LLC today. 


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