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Oral Appliances in Newton

When it comes to protecting your dental function and oral health, teeth cleanings and fluoride can limit risk of decay and plaque buildup. However, an oral appliance may be needed to protect your smile in other ways. At the Newton dental practice of Dr. Ted Filandrianos and his associates, our team offers oral appliances applicable to a variety of dental needs. 

Available Oral Appliances

From creating mandibular stabilization devices for cases of sleep apnea, to protecting teeth with athletic mouth guards, our Newton practice offers solutions tailored to effectively address your needs. To determine which oral appliance will work best for you, our Newton dentists utilize advanced technology to thoroughly examine your dentition. Through this in-depth assessment, we identify potential problems that require care.
Based on your needs, we may recommend one of the following appliances:

TMJ-Related Splints: 
There are several different types of FDA-approved splints recommended for patients experiencing temporomandibular joint disorder. Stabilization splints cover all of the teeth and prevent clenching and bruxism, two common causes of TMDs. In contrast, repositioning splints are used to realign the condyles and gradually pull the jaw forward into a more aligned position. Unlike stabilization splints, repositioning splints must be worn daily and are often combined with additional TMJ therapies in order to effectively address the condition. 

At Ted Filandrianos, DMD, FAGD & Associates, our TMJ specialist Dr. Steven Bader is highly trained in creating comprehensive treatment plans for individuals suffering from TMJ disorder. 

Sleep Apnea Oral Appliances: 
Traditionally, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy is recommended for patients suffering from this breathing condition. While effective, many patients often find CPAP therapy difficult to tolerate, causing many to avoid using the machine, opening the door for worsening of the condition. 
For these individuals, oral appliances offer a comfortable, easy-to-use alternative for addressing sleep apnea. As one of thirteen elite Somnodent®-approved practices in the United States, our Newton dentists have extensive experience creating tailored sleep apnea treatment plans with the Somnodent® oral appliance. 

Bruxism Appliances:
Continuous clenching and grinding can wear down dental enamel, putting patients at risk of decay and damage. Worn on either the upper or lower arch, mouth guards can help reduce night-time grinding by putting jaw arches into a neutral position and preventing them from touching. 

Sports Guards:

For patients with active lifestyles, athletic mouth guards can help eliminate the risk of accidental damage to the teeth and soft tissue. Athletic mouth guards at our Newton dental practice are designed to fit comfortably and precisely. 

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With so many diverse options, oral appliances are just one more way patients can protect their smiles and improve their overall oral health. At Ted Filandrianos, DMD, FAGD & Associates, all oral appliances are custom made using advanced digital impressions, ensuring a comfortable fit and effective treatment. To learn more on how oral appliances can help you improve your oral and overall health, contact our Newton dentists today. 



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