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Teeth In An Hour
TM-  Immediate Function Dental Implants

CAD/CAM Bioengineering Science and Precision Dentistry

NobelGuides were created through the scientific efforts of biomedical engineers to assist reconstructive dentists in providing the best prediction factor for implant success for practically all types of tooth replacement needs.

The major benefit to the patient is the incredible accuracy of implant placement compared to "freehand" implant placement, which is often suitable for a single implant with adjacent teeth available to aid in the required positioning of the implant.

The freehand or non-guided surgical method however becomes immediately unpredictable when there is extensive bone loss.

The NobelGuide system, was developed in response to the need for the best accuracy possible. Computerized analysis of digitized imagery led to a fabrication method for creating implant drilling guides, thereby virtually removing the concern of inaccurate drilling.

Another benefit is that wider and/or longer implants can be placed with out risking vital structures. When bone conditions permit and depending upon the location of the implant site, using larger sizes of the implant device increases the integrity and long term strength.

Teeth In An HourTM

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The incredible precision of the computer guided surgery template (NobelGuide) now allows a procedure called "teeth-in-an-hour" TM . The teeth-in-an-hour procedure is exclusively for patients with no  teeth. The patient must be able to open his/her mouth a certain amount, be healthy and have a certain amount of bone. When these requirements are met, the patient may select this amazing option.

Based on a CT-scan, the implants are placed virtually on the computer. A drilling guide is designed and emailed to Sweden where it is fabricated. It is then returned to the doctor.  A model is made with the exact location of the future implants.

The model is returned by the doctor to Sweden to have a custom titanium framework which is milled on a CAD/CAM machine out of a hockey puck size piece of titanium. The tolerance is within 200 microns! It is then returned back to the dentist. The final teeth are added and surgery is scheduled.

On the day of surgery the template is placed on the patient's jaw structure. The implants are then placed through the guide and on to the titanium framework. The NobelGuide is removed when all implants are placed. The whole process takes about an hour (Thus teeth in an hour).

The strength comes from a unique surface coating on the implant, cross arch stabilization, and abutments with 500 microns of adjustment (critical). This preparation takes 8-10 weeks.

Conventionally, these complex implant placements for a single patient would typically involve multiple surgeries and many prosthetic appointments spanning over a year.

There are many other uses of the NobelGuide. Use of this system consistently assures that Dr. Ted Filandrianos treats his patients with the utmost precision, predictability and speed of implant procedures.

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7/9/2019--Over the past several years I had a number of dental problems which were addressed by several Doctors in the Dr. Ted Filandrianos and Associates Service. These included regrouping of some teeth (Dr. Steve Bader), installation of implants (Dr. John Govostes) and restoration (Dr. Ted Filandrianos). In all cases I found the service and the quality of the work to be of the highest quality. The regrouping of the teeth and the installation of implants were very successful. Dr. Ted Filandrianos in particular, with whom I had interacted for a longer period of time, in addition to his outstanding technical skills and the use of state of the art digital imaging tools, he worked patiently over a number of months to address difficult anatomical problems towards an excellent outcome. Also, the Dental Assistants, that I interacted with during my treatment, were very skillful and highly professional. Similarly, I found Zuzana, the dental hygienist, to be highly professional and skillful. She makes your periodic visits to be something you look forward to it rather than to dread it. It will not be an exaggeration if I say that Zuzana is the best hygienist I have had during my entire life. Finally, Emily and Ali, who run the front office, are highly professional. They were always strive to accommodate the patient's needs and time requirements. Particularly, if you are facing a dental emergency they will always figure out ways to accommodate you. In conclusion , during my long life with a number of difficult dental problems I sought treatment in a number of dental services in the Boston area. I found the dental care that I received by the Dr. Filandrianos and Associates Service to be by far the best.

Theodore Moustakas

06/19/19--A recommendation for a dentist: His skill, his up to date equipment (computer driven replacements of tooth decay) and the efficiency of his office.
Dr. Filandrianos is the most efficient, and thoughtful and - yes - pain free doctor in his field that I have ever encountered. I have had dental work done in Ohio, Washington , New York, Baltimore, Guatemala city and Panama city....and the care and treatment I have had from"Dr. Ted", as he is known, surpasses them all. He is a very kind person. His staff is always excellent, considerate and efficient. His notifications of appointments and willingness to make changes in scheduling , when necessary, have made him and his office people and dental assistants the most appreciated in their field, I cannot give a higher recommendation . I am grateful to have found this office whenI first came to live in Boston.

Gay P. Lord

06/18/2015--Carolyn Z.

I wish there were a Yelp "location" category called "The Universe"...because Dr. Ted Filandrianos and the outstanding dental team in his Newton Centre office are the absolute BEST in the Universe.

I should know. I've had it all there...cleanings, fillings, root canals, extractions, bone grafts, implants, crowns...and every single treatment was performed impeccably...and as an added treat, with chair-side manners that make you feel relaxed, anxiety-free and...dare I write this about a dental experience?...well-loved! Dr. Ted and his colleagues will do everything they possibly can to save a tooth. And when they can't, these brilliant, topnotch specialists will spring into action with their specialties...and save the day!

Dr. Ted has saved or restored so many of my teeth. He is the perfect blend of scientist and artist and his work is second to one. Add to that the warmest and most empathetic treatment I've ever received from a dentist (I used to dread the dentist!) and you have, as I said, the best dentist in the Universe. I also want to say that if you ever, ever need a dental implant, and I needed two...and a bone graft...right after an extraction of an infected tooth...and you are nervous about it...periodontist Dr. Jean-Marie Biebuyck aka "Dr. B" will remove that anxiety when he puts his talents to work. I could not believe it. He calmed me, he assured me that all was going well, he made me laugh a few times and, most importantly, he was visibly proud of how well each procedure turned out and put me at ease each step of the way.

And how about those dreaded root canal treatments? Not here. Just this past weekend, I was in horrific pain from an infected lateral incisor (top). Dr. Ted put me in touch with my now-hero Dr. Barry Goldberg, the endontist in his office - and Dr. Goldberg called me and put me on an antibiotic immediately (on a Sunday!) so that I'd be prepared for the next day's root canal appointment. His chair-side manner is exceptional as well...and he put me at ease from "hello". I love how he explains what's going on with the tooth while we look together at the x-rays - and the steps he is going to take. Even the way he administers Novocaine is a pleasant experience if you can believe that. I just went back yesterday so Dr. Goldberg could fill the canals and put a temporary filling - and everything went perfectly. No more pain - and he saved my porcelain crown...he was so careful when working on it! Next step - permanent filling with Dr. Ted.

I could go on and on (which I already have!) but I also need to mention that Zuzana is an outstanding dental hygienist who knows I can act like a 3-year old baby when it comes to the probing during a cleaning - and she makes it as painless as possible with her talent and skill.

And the dental assistants (I apologize for not remembering all the names from the past several years) are wonderful...topnotch...and a huge component of the overall positive experience I've had in Dr. Ted's I want to thank Marina and Wendy for being the best and taking good care of me.

Now...last but in no way least...I need to give a shout out to the very professional and vibrant Emily and Ali who are at the front desks - and who help ensure that Dr. Ted's practice runs smoothly. Whether it's a phone or in-person conversation, you will feel like the only patient in the practice...because of how Emily and Ali greet you, treat you, listen to you and reassure you that you are in the best dental the Universe! Dr. Ted struck gold when he found them!

But don't take my word for any of the above. Experience it yourself - and you'll see what I mean!

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