Endodontic Care and Restoration in Newton, Brookline & Wellesley, MA

The health of each tooth plays a large role in determining the overall health and function of your smile. Teeth that have been damaged as a result of trauma, decay, or routine wear are vulnerable to internal damage caused by infection or abscess. At Ted Filandrianos DMD FAGD & Associates, our Newton dental team is dedicated to helping all patients regain continued health and function by salvaging severely damaged teeth with root canal therapies.

The Purpose of Endodontic Care

Tooth enamel is particularly resilient and able to withstand a great deal of force. However, routine function as well as decay can wear down the exterior enamel, creating an entry point for bacteria to enter into the inner chamber of the tooth. The bacteria then begins eating away at the tissue within the tooth, causing an infection. If left untreated, the bacteria may begin to eat away at the nerve and spread down to the roots eventually spreading to the bone and creating an abscess.

Once the condition has progressed to this point, more extensive treatment is needed in order to save the tooth and prevent the infection from spreading to neighboring teeth. Root canal therapy offers a conservative solution that eliminates the need for extraction while ensuring continued oral function.

The Root Canal Process

While the endodontic procedure is typically less painful than the infection and abscess symptoms, our Newton dental practice offers oral conscious and nitrous oxide sedation to ensure you remain comfortable throughout the procedure.

During the procedure, a small access hole will be created at the top or in the back of the affected tooth. Specialized tools are then used to remove the infected tissue from within the tooth and, if necessary, remove damaged root tissue. The inner cavity is then sterilized, filled, and sealed with a special biocompatible material. Often, a temporary filling will also be placed to prevent damage until the tooth can be restored with a crown.

Restoring a Treated Tooth

Immediately restoring teeth following a root canal is a critical part of preventing further damage and reinfection. Depending on the damage caused by the infection as well as the condition of the dentition as a whole, restorative treatments following root canal therapy may range from capping the affected tooth with a crown to completely replacing the tooth with a dental implant. At our Newton dental practice, we offer a number of diverse restorative treatment options tailored to meet the unique needs of our patients.

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Proactively treating infected teeth can improve the likelihood of salvaging a damaged tooth. At Ted Filandrianos DMD FAGD & Associates, our team offers comprehensive dental care tailored to ensure lifelong oral health and function. If you are experiencing a persistent toothache or any other symptoms of a tooth infection, contact our Newton dentists today.


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